Life without quality is misery without hope

About Desertway

It is the intent of the employees and owners of Desertway Laboratories to help you become aware of the importance or even the necessity of taking care of your body at any age in order to prevent hours, days or even years of avoidable illness. Before we start the newly discovered exploration of things that are available, let's remind ourselves of the daily repetitions that have become like a fly and we just brush them off: (1) Exercise , exercise, exercise, to be specific: Walk , walk , walk at least 30 minutes daily, dont run. (2) Watch the food you eat. Remember even too much of a good thing can kill you, lots of raw food that taste good with a reasonable diet will do the job. (3) Sleep at least until you feel like you dont need any more. (4) Water, Drink lots of it. Be cautious about where it comes from but DO NOT drink distilled water and rob your body of the minerals that comes with most drinking water. Four to six glasses (8oz.) will do . (5) SWEETS  Sugar first comes to mind but be advised that some sweetners are as DEADLY as sugar ever could be.

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